Full Ti Front Wheel Hub SL Axle & Bolt Set

A couple of weeks ago we were asked why we did not make the bolts for the front wheel hub axle, as we had already cover all the bolts and nuts for different versions of the rear wheels.

Well, we responded to it. But instead of just making the bolts to save a few grams, we went all the way in producing the entire full Titanium axle along with the 4 necessary bolts to complete the set. According to the information from the internet. The standard Brompton hub is 158 grams and the superlight Brompton hub is 108 grams. That makes the difference of 50 grams. (Source from here)


Our Ti front wheel set weight merely 46.2 grams, which is 34.5 grams lighter than the original Brompton set. With this consideration in mind, the Brompton SL front hub would only be around 4 grams lighter than our modified hub (with the Ti hub set).

We are surely trying to give the lightweight experience to all Brompton riders.

The product is expected to be available by the third week of January 2014.