Improvement on Ti Seat Clamp

You’ve asked, and we had listen. Some of our customer had reflected our seat clamp were not functioning at its best when compare to the Brompton original offering. Your voice and needs are important to us. So we dig deep into it.


After hours of studying and machining, we finally figure out a way to improve upon what we already had. Light weight, matching colors and functionality can now be met over our collection of seat clamp offering.

Existing customers do have their privileges, if you own any of our seat clamping products (that include Seat Post Clamp Handle and Rear Frame Clip and Rear Frame Clip (Full set)). You are most welcome to bring in your bike/parts for a minor adjustment in our Hong Kong webshop. The turnaround time would be around 10 days and all cost are covered by us.

All of our Ti seat clamp products will now be equipped with the improvement. Why not take a look at them here.